Minerva Wright was the Heiress most noted for her logic and intelligence. Except when she is around the Earl of Lansford. Then it is all she can do not to stab the man. And she has just the knife to do it too.

James Lathrop is a man leading a double life. He spends as little time as possible as the Earl of Lansford preferring the study of soil and crop production. In that guise he is finally meeting his brightest collaborator, Mr. M. E. Wright. Together, they will win the conference prize and he can buy the plow he so badly needs for his tenants. But what is that damnable harridan, Minerva, doing here?

Reviews:Megan M on Amazon wrote:

“One moment I was laughing at Minerva's antics. Next I was yelling at her to "go girl" when she was defending herself, and then there were moments when I wanted to strangle her because she wouldn't admit her feelings for James.”

Helen on Amazon wrote:

“The third "Heiress" story is more emotional than the first two, but still as witty and endearing.”