A Steamy Regency Romantic Comedy

Book Cover: Katie's Captain

Katie’s Captain Book Four of the Heiresses of Eris Series: The Most Untamed Heiress, A Duke Afraid of Making Mistakes. It's a Match Made in Scandal

Forget waltzes and jewels. Katie, the wildest of the Heiresses, would rather muck stalls than find a husband. But her ‘Heiress’ sisters think getting her to mix with society will change that.  

Enter the newly minted Duke of Crawford, Casswell Macey, a war hero with a secret past who just wants to avoid social blunders. 

Fate throws them together in a shocking public scandal that sets the Ton ablaze.

Sparks fly as Katie's rebellious spirit clashes with Casswell's love of rules. Can a free-spirited woman and a battle-scarred Duke find love amidst the wreckage these two create? Will they realize they can have everything they ever wanted before they’ve even discovered what that is?

Prepare for laugh-out-loud moments with a "talking" dog, heartwarming tales of unlikely friendships, and enough steam to heat a broken-down cottage. This regency romp is perfect for fans of witty banter, strong heroines, and fearless heroes who deserve a little happiness.

Author Interview:

Why write Regency Romance if you aren’t going to write it “correctly”?

Because as much as I love Regency tropes the actual language and social customs are torturous. Have you read dear Jane? I mean all credit to her, she invented the novel as we know it and I adore anything that puts Colin Firth in breeches but to sit down and read one of her stories now is onerous. We don’t speak like that anymore and there are hours of nothing to do. I love Regency love stories for the tension that the social mores of that time yield. But I also love a good laugh. These books give me the tropes I love, laughter, and women I can see myself and my friends in. These are women you can imagine hatching plans with and enjoying a good laugh at how it all turned out afterwards.

If the women aren’t related how are they the “Heiresses of Eris”?

One of the Regency tropes I love is the informal “club”, usually men bound together over a common distrust of women or some such nonsense which in the end they all get over. Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos. She’s the one who started the Trojan War by tossing an apple into a group of goddesses that said “to the fairest”. She really knew how to stir the pot! These girls cause their own sort of mayhem. None of them were comfortable in the roles society assigned them. All of them decided to take matters into their own hands. That they all met was fate. When they did, they dubbed themselves the Heiresses of Eris. They knew what they were from the start.

About the steamy sex?

Yes, there is sex in the books. Of course there is sex in the books! These people love each other and frankly, are as shocked by it as anyone. Sex and lust are easier to rationalize than love. Love makes you do crazy things like help someone against your own best interests just so you can see them happy. Sex is the easier thing to explain. It feels good. And the sex scenes are part of the character’s growth. Trust me, Regency couples had sex, why do you think there were so many rules against it?