Book Cover: Chaos's Consort
Part of the Heiresses of Eris series:
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Eris: Greek Goddess of Chaos; Started the Trojan War by merely tossing an apple into a group of goddesses that said "to the fairest".

As a duke's daughter, Eleanor Stonington may be the most eligible of the Heiresses of Eris but growing up with four older brothers and her tomboyish leanings, she has the least desire to shackle herself to some pompous man who only wants an heir. She and the other Heiresses have a plan. Become the success of the season and then cause such a scandal that not even the rakes will want her. Executing such a plan should be easy for a girl raised to cause chaos.

Simeon Rothwell, Duke of Northford is a consummate politician. He has a knack for reading his opponents plans and negotiating his way around them. So why do the machinations of one woman seem to confound him?