Book Cover: Chaos's Consort
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As a Duke’s daughter, Eleanor is being forced to take her place in society and finally marry. She doesn’t need a husband, what she needs is a plan, but when that plan involves the Ton’s most dangerous Duke she best not get tangled in her own trap.

At his club, Simeon, Duke of Northford felt a cold shiver down his spine. His scowls and aloof manner kept people at bay, much to his liking. Except for one green girl who always managed to get under his skin. He wondered what his old nemesis was doing these days since he hadn’t seen her on the marriage mart.

Together they’ll flout convention and set the Ton on fire. But not before each of them learns the lessons love has to teach them.

This steamy regency romantic comedy series will delight you if you are the type to laugh out loud at the antics of a “talking” dog, or cheer on difficult women overcoming obstacles, or scowl at men being nobcocks. This series is for the woman looking for laughs along with their steam, because is there any better place to laugh than in the arms of someone who loves you?

These girls are rebels who cross class lines like they skewer men’s hearts. Oh but these men! It takes a strong man to love a difficult woman.