I write in more genres than is good for anyone. Unless you read them all, then you can get a writer you like in the genre you want to read. My voice is a little different in each one but I like to think they’re all pieces in the same chocolate box. Some days you want something rich and sweet, other days you want something a little darker with a little bit of bite. Consider me your one-stop candy shop!

A note about my audiobooks: As an indie author it would be cost-prohibitive to make audiobooks for as many titles as I have with all the voices I would need to hire narrators for. It isn’t that I don’t think the people who do that work don’t deserve what they get paid, I just can’t afford it. Enter Digitally Voiced Audiobooks. I can produce something that sounds more like a staged reading with different voices for different characters all in the same scene. To do this with live actors would cost tens of thousands of dollars. I make these audiobooks exclusive to my website and charge far less than I would have to if they were available on the usual channels. I hope you’ll take a listen if you are an audiobook lover. There are links on each book that has an audiobook available.