Being auctioned off like a piece of meat wasn’t high on Joseph Camenitti’s bucket list.
 Especially seeing he was the only one in a wheelchair. Rationalizing it was for the police widows and orphans fund barely helped. That is until a mystery woman saves his pride by making him the hottest ticket of the night. When she then decides she doesn't even want the date, he's definitely intrigued.

Evie Tolland had overcome more challenges than any girl should in high school until the day a bad boy with a heart of gold kissed her cheek. Buying a date with him at the auction was just payback.

Now the bad boy is back and just as sexy. Can Joseph convince Evie he means all the sweet things he says? Can Evie draw on his strength when new challenges threaten to destroy all she has worked so hard for? Can she trust him with her secret?

He’s all sweet-talking caveman, she’s an old-fashioned girl with more steel than she knows. This one will make you cheer their success and want to yell at them when they choose fear over love.

The Lovers and Other Strangers Contemporary Romance series combines delightful characters with steamy romance. Doctors to ranchers to cops to heiresses to CEOs, there is a little something for everyone in this series of extended family and friends.

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