Vegas Shenanigans, Unexpected Hearts: Can a Whirlwind Marriage Lead to Lasting Love?

Current Jackson thrives on control. Except when it comes to Gianna Berri. She's a fiery whirlwind who throws his carefully ordered life into chaos – especially when he marries her to throw off the mob goons on her tail!

Gianna lives by the seat of her pants, never looking back. But an act of frustration forces her on the run, and a reckless pickpocket attempt keeps her trapped by a handsome cowboy… and then married to him!

A marriage of convenience becomes a passionate entanglement. Can they overcome their secrets and sizzling chemistry to find something real beneath the glitz and gamble?

This sexy, heartwarming novel explores letting go of control, embracing spontaneity, and the irresistible chance encounter that could change everything. Buckle up for a wild ride of laughter, love, and unexpected forever love in the City of Sin.